Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson went on rumor patrol after hearing she was engaged. She is pictured at the premiere of “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour” on Jan. 27, 2012 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Paris Jackson is not walking down the aisle any time soon. The daughter of the late Michael Jackson took to Twitter to shut down rumors that she is engaged.

Jackson, 18, refuted reports Tuesday when she made a snarky remark about how she’d probably be the first to know if her boyfriend, musician Michael Snoddy, put a ring on it.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Jackson noted that she’d heard many false stories about herself in the past. “So many marriage and pregnancy rumors just in the past 3 years,” she tweeted. She joked that perhaps the next story would be about her taking over the world.

It seems Jackson was addressing a report from Radar Online this time. The website claimed that Jackson had told her grandparents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, that she was going to get hitched. “Paris told Katherine and Joe that she is going to get engaged to Michael and that she cannot wait to marry him,” a source told Radar. The report went on to say that the Jackson family didn’t think Snoddy was a good influence.

The oldest child of the King of Pop has been sharing plenty of photos with Snoddy. They recently went to New York and have posted several pictures of the trip to social media. However, it seems it was just a getaway rather than a celebration.

Snoddy isn’t Paris’ first boyfriend who has had to deal with engagement rumors. Last October, Jackson had to refute claims that she was going to marry Chester Castellaw after adding his last name to her Instagram display name. “P.S. I’m not married and no, I’m not pregnant lmao,” she captioned a photo.