Sir Patrick Stewart is many things: renowned thespian, geek hero and all-around great guy. But for all his accolades, the “Star Trek: Next Generation” star seems to have one major flaw that seriously alienates him from his new home in Brooklyn, N.Y. Despite being a 72-year-old man, Patrick Stewart has never been a pizza eater. Well, at least not until today, when Stewart shared a picture of his first slice of pizza on Twitter.

“My first ever pizza "slice". Please note: the authentic NY fold,” Stewart tweeted Wednesday afternoon. Accompanied with the tweet was a photo of the USS Enterprise captain sipping on a soda while holding a half-eaten New York slice.

In a second tweet, Stewart confirmed that yes, this actually is his first ever slice of pizza. He also commented on his stylish Montreal Canadiens hat, which earned him plenty of praise from his Twitter followers.

“To clarify: 1) I've never had a "slice" 2) I've been a Habs fan all of 4 weeks 3) I'm also a fan of Bloomberg's soda legislation,” Stewart tweeted.

For the record, that bit about Bloomberg’s soda legislation got him plenty of resoundingly negative replies. Can’t we all just get along and enjoy the magic sight of a grown man eating his first pizza?

Unfortunately, Stewart didn’t clarify exactly where he lost his pizza virginity, but it appears to be somewhere in the vicinity of his Park Slope, Brooklyn, home. Based on the pizzeria's decor and the scene from outside, it’s more than likely that Stewart’s first pizza was eaten at Smiling Pizzeria, on 7th Avenue and 9th Street in Park Slope. The pizza is decent, but it’s only two blocks from the highly rated Anthony’s, which has earned a 22 Zagat score. Rookie mistake, Stewart. Always walk the extra block for better pizza.

It’s a little unfortunate that Patrick Stewart’s first pizza wasn’t at an outstanding restaurant like Grimaldis or Lombardi’s, but maybe he plans to ease into the pizza game. After all, you have to start small.