Paul Christoforo apparently had more to say to N-Control, his former client who he embarrassed through a PR debacle that has gone viral.

After Christoforo was dismissed by N-Control, he made multiple threats against the company and Moisés Chiullan, the person who took over N-Control's marketing and sales for Avenger Controllers, according to Chiullan's Reddit AMA.

Below are the threats Chiullan claims Christoforo made against him and/or N-Control:

- Eight months ago, I locked down all this stuff so they wouldn't be able to f--- with me. If they don't give me what I want, it's war. Christoforo on his initial refusal to transfer back control of N-Control Twitter and email accounts. He is now reportedly cooperating.

- If they f--- with me, I got all these websites all over me. Whatever I tell them to write, they write. Christoforo on his granting of interviews to the media.

- I like you and everything, and you're reasonable and just trying to do your job, but if they don't do what I say, things are gonna get ugly.

- I know you're just a guy doing a job and you don't know any better. I'm gonna ruin your life if I have to.

- Don't you f---ing threaten me! You don't know who the f--- you're dealing with! I will do things to you that you cannot imagine, they are so f---ing bad! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF!

Chiullan issued the following opinion about Christoforo's character and behavior:

One of the main things that I've learned about him is that he is most concerned about the well-being of his wife and small child, along with his ability to make a living. I can respect and appreciate those things objectively. What I've also learned is that he is partial to protecting those interests without any consideration given to common courtesy or professional engagement.