Paula Deen
The food fight continues on. Paula Deen has obviously not taken Anthony Bourdain's comments with a grain of salt, as the Food Network star has fired back at some rude comments made by Bourdain. Reuters

Paula Deen, a celebrity chef and queen of the deep fryer, will soon reveal to the world that she has Type 2 diabetes.

According to The Daily, Deen will not only reveal her diabetes news, but also that she linked a multimillion-dollar deal to endorse the Novartis drug that is used for treating diabetes.

Rumors of the 64-year-old's diabetes began in April 2010, when the National Enquirer first reported that the Deen was hiding her diabetes news for the fear that it would harm her credibility as a chef. However, Deen never confirmed the news nor denied it - until now.

Paula Deen is going to have to reposition herself now that she has diabetes. She's going to have to start cooking healthier recipes. She can't keep pushing mac and cheese and deep-fried Twinkies when she is hawking a diabetes drug, a source told Daily News.

Earlier, the Georgian native has faced criticism for the high amounts of fat, salt and sugar she used in her dishes.

In 2009, when her book Lunch-Box Set for kids was published, Barbara Walters questioned her, You tell kids to have cheesecake for breakfast. You tell them to have chocolate cake and meatloaf for lunch. And french fries. Doesn't it bother you that you're adding to this?

Last August, Anthony Bourdian host of No Reservations called Deen the worst, most dangerous person to America and said she should think twice before telling an already obese nation that it's OK to eat food that is killing us, Daily reports.

But according to one insider, Deen has already started changing her cooking approach with healthier options and will soon make it available at her Savannah, Ga., restaurant, The Lady & Sons, CBS reported.