On Monday, WNET Channel 13 (Thirteen), a PBS affiliate, released a few videos on YouTube that poke fun at the plethora of reality shows on television. The videos feature fictional shows including “Long Island Landscapers,” Clam Kings” and “Meet The Tanners.”

Each show trailer closely mimics the style of a “typical” reality show trailer. With over-the-top music, "controversial" arguments and an announcer to emphasize the drama, you could almost believe the shows featured in the trailers are real. However, each trailer cuts to black at the end with the tagline “The fact you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV. Support quality programming.”

The fake commercial spots are part of a larger advertising campaign by WNET Thirteen to raise funds for the public television channel, while poking fun at the plethora of shows that are contributing to “bad television.”

The advertising campaign also featured subway ads that looked quite similar to the plethora of reality television show advertisements that line the New York City subway and Twitter accounts from the fictional reality stars from the fake television shows advertised.

Take a look at the ads here. Did you think they were real while watching them? Let us know in the comments.