• Bedbugs reportedly released in Walmart in Edinboro, Pennsylvania
  • Employees found two pill bottles with swarms of bugs inside
  • Pennsylvania State Police collecting evidence to locate a possible suspect

Pennsylvania State Police on Monday are searching for a person responsible for releasing bedbugs in the men’s changing room of a Walmart.

The infestation was first discovered on Thursday when a manager at the Walmart in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, found a closed pill bottle in a boy’s jacket available for sale. The pill bottle reportedly had a swarm of live bugs inside, prompting an immediate health inspection.

An inspector was sent to the Walmart on Friday and reportedly discovered more bugs inside the men’s changing room. Ecolab later confirmed to police that the insects were bedbugs.

Officers have reviewed the security footage provided by Walmart’s loss prevention team.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention describes bedbugs as “small, flat, parasitic insects” that survive by feeding on the blood of animals and people while they sleep. They do not carry diseases but can cause an itchy, allergic reaction for some people. They are also capable of living for months at a time without feeding.

A second pill bottle was found hidden in the men’s department with a swarm of dead bugs inside on Saturday.

“We take this seriously and are looking into this,” a Walmart representative told reporters. “We are fully cooperating with law enforcement on their investigation. A third-party pest management service has visited the store and we are working with them to assess next steps. In the meantime, we have blocked off the impacted area.”

Walmart shoppers
Shoppers look for merchandise at a Wal-Mart store, March 14, 2005, in Bentonville, Arkansas. Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images