Quarterly Suicide Report-2014 First Quarter
This Quarterly Suicide Report table shows military-suicide counts and annual rates by component and service. All these figures may be subject to change in the future. The symbol * indicates a change from the previous QSR. The symbol ‡ indicates the suicide rates correspond to the Defense Department Suicide Event Report Annual Report for their respective years. U.S. Defense Department

The U.S. Defense Department’s latest Quarterly Suicide Report, or QSR, showed 120 men and women in the country’s armed forces died by their own hands in the first three months of this year. Among the military suicides counted in the report released Friday, 74 were in the active services, 24 in the reserves and 22 in the National Guard.

The QSR also showed the annual suicide counts and rates for 2013 and 2012. The counts were current as of Aug. 15 of this year and will be updated quarterly based on incoming information, while the rates were calculated per 100,000 service members.

The 475 military suicides counted in 2013 encompassed 255 in the active services, 86 in the reserves and 134 in the National Guard. The suicide rates for the three categories were 18.7, 23.4 and 28.9, in that order.

The 522 military suicides counted in 2012 encompassed 320 in the active services, 72 in the reserves and 130 in the National Guard. The suicide rates for the three categories were 22.7, 19.3 and 28.1, respectively.

September is Suicide Prevention Month, but there are relevant resources available to present and past military-service members every day of the month, every month of the year. Some can be found through the Suicide Prevention Program Links provided by the Defense Suicide Prevention Office, and others can be found via the Veterans Crisis Line promoted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.