A pet dog owner announced a reward of $10,000 to find the attacker who bashed her canine with a "blunt instrument." Lauren George’s dog Toretto was assaulted by a “sick individual” Saturday night at her home in Burbank, in Brisbane, Australia.

The dog, who is fighting for life, received serious head injuries and brain trauma following the incident. 

In a Facebook post Sunday, George urged people to come forward with information about the assailant. 

“Reward $10,000 for information resulting in the arrest of the perpetrator that assaulted my dog last night,” George wrote. “Vet confirms he was beaten over the head with an instrument.”

George uploaded three photos showing the bloodied wounds of the dog on its head and a gash on the side of his cheek.

While talking to local media 7 News, George said she heard some barking and yelping Saturday night and the next morning she found her dog injured at her front doorstep. 

"He must have dragged himself to my front door this morning which is when I found him,” George said, adding that she was horrified by the attack. "I live in a fenced-off property on five acres, someone's gone to a lot of trouble to hurt him."

The dog, named Toretto, was taken to Redlands Veterinarian Clinic where he was put in the intensive care unit. The dog owner told local media that she wanted the attacker to be punished as the perpetrator could be capable of so much more.

"Somebody knows something," she said.