• The canine and the snake managed to bite each other during a brawl
  • The owner found the lifeless body of his pet few hours after the attack
  • The dog had been guarding its owner’s house for the past five years

A dog in India died after heroically defending its unsuspecting owner from a deadly snake.

The canine, named Kaiser, was guarding its owner's house in Nandigama, a town in the state of Andhra Pradesh, when it came across the venomous cobra trying to slither into the home. The dog allegedly attacked the reptile, and bit it. However, the reptile also managed to bite the dog back.

Kaiser’s owner, Narvaneni Murali, was not at home at the time of the incident, and discovered the deadly reptile upon his return Sunday morning. The reptile and Kaiser, both dead, were lying next to each other on the floor. Murail reportedly broke down at the sight of his dead pet, The Hindu reported.

Murali believes the snake entered the house Saturday evening, and his dog noticed it immediately. The snake could have possibly attacked Murali if it went unnoticed. Murali told the outlet that Kaiser had been guarding the house along with another pet for the past five years.

News of the dog’s heroic action spread among the locals, who visited the house to get a last look at the dog and the snake. According to some locals, the snake was six feet long, The Indian Express reported.

The beloved pet was given a heroic farewell Sunday by Murali in a traditional funeral.

A dog in Telangana, India, met a similar fate in 2020 after it attacked a cobra that had slithered into its sleeping owner’s room.

A cobra grows to an average size of five feet, but longer snakes have been sighted among the species. Cobra venom contains neurotoxins that can result in respiratory paralysis and sudden loss of consciousness. It increases blood pressure and can prove fatal if left untreated, according to the University of California, San Diego. A WHO study found around 1.2 million people in India died from snake bite in over two decades, with cobra bites accounting for one of the highest number of fatalities.

In a similar incident, a dog was dubbed a hero after it saved its sleeping owner and his family from carbon monoxide poisoning in Iowa. The dog jumped on and off the man’s bed until he woke up and heard the carbon monoxide alarm.

An Indian snake-catcher extracts venom from a cobra. Snake bites are common in rural areas
An Indian snake-catcher extracts venom from a cobra. Snake bites are common in rural areas AFP / ARUN SANKAR