A dog died while trying to save its owner’s one-year-old son from a venomous cobra. The incident took place in Barangay Lanao, Philippines, on Friday afternoon.

In a Facebook post Saturday, Jaime Selim said the toddler was sleeping in the room when his two Dachshunds fought the snake as it tried to enter their home. CCTV footage showed the canines fighting the reptile by biting it. However, the snake instead got stronger with every bite and spewed venom throughout the fight. Eventually, the cobra died; however, one of the dogs named Miley was bitten by the snake and died minutes later.

Meanwhile, the other Dachshund, which was bitten in the eye, was rushed to a nearby animal hospital where it underwent treatment and was listed stable. In the Facebook post, Selim said he was grateful to his pets for showing "exceptional courage” in ensuring the safety of his family.

In a similar incident in the Indian state of Odisha in March, a dog died while trying to save his owner’s family from a cobra. Aman Sharif said he heard his one-and-half-year-old pet Dalmatian named Tyson barking and rushed outside the home only to see the canine fighting with the reptile.

“We saw Tyson killing the snake just a few feet away from the main entrance. But moments later, Tyson collapsed on the floor,” said Sharif. He then noticed injury marks on the dog’s tail and face and rushed it to a nearby vet hospital. However, the hospital was closed and the vet did not answer his calls. The canine succumbed to injuries.

“Tyson laid down his life to protect us. The dog could have been saved, had prompt medical care been given,” he said.