Three pet dogs were caught on camera killing a snake after the reptile tried to attack their owner. The incident took place in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Sunday.

According to local reports, the owner of dogs, identified as Ramalingam, a farmer, had gone to his farm along with his friends to feed his cattle when the snake, a six-foot-long Russel’s viper, approached them. Just when the snake was about to attack the man and his friends, his three dogs, that had followed them to the farm, attacked the reptile and killed it.

Speaking to local daily the Hindu, Ramalingam’s son Sivaprakash said, the dogs “attacked the snake in turns and killed it. The dogs, all aged three, have killed snakes in the farm in the past too.”  He added that one of the dogs suffered snakebite and was given anti-venom.

Meanwhile, a video of the attack that was captured by Ramalingam on his phone has since gone viral on social media. In the video, the canines can be been surrounding the reptile before taking turns to brutally attack the snake until it dies. The dogs were praised for their courage and loyalty by social media users.

snake-653644_640 snake Photo: pixabay