A pet groomer from Bryan, Ohio, was charged with animal cruelty Wednesday after she was caught on camera abusing several dogs at her grooming business.

The incident came to light last month after some CCTV clips from inside the grooming business went viral on social media which showed 63-year-old Theresa Taylor abusing two dogs. Following this, a former employee of the grooming business reported the incidents to police and also provided CCTV videos. The employee gave a detailed description of how Taylor treated the two dogs and another small white canine.

According to a report, Taylor abused a gray-faced dachshund multiple times during a session and at one point “it appeared that the dog’s eyes began to bulge from its head and you can see the dog gasping for breath.” Taylor also struck the canine with a hammer and smacked its back before shaking it “violently.” The canine attempted to bite the groomer several times and “urinated and defecated on the table.”

Another footage of Taylor handling a coolie showed her pulling the canine by the ear and skin before hitting it hard in the face with a grooming brush. She could be seen grabbing the dog “by the throat and back end and violently shaking the dog.”

Police said the collie was cooperative throughout the session and never attempted to attack the groomer despite the handling.

It “lies on the work station in a submissive manner as Theresa violently shakes and turns the dog around and continues to comply with its tail tucked between its legs and appears to be clearly scared,” the police report stated. Taylor appeared in court Wednesday and was charged with animal cruelty. She has since been bonded out.

Her husband, Philip, was charged with animal cruelty earlier this year for fatally shooting four dogs at their home. She filed for divorce from Philip in July.

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