Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson vacationed in Miami around the same time that the teaser for “Fifty Shades Freed” was released. Pictured: Johnson at the Oscars Vanity Fair Party in Beverly Hills, California on Feb. 26, 2017. Reuters/Danny Moloshok


  • PETA slammed Dakota Johnson for "promoting" Gucci handbags made of reptile skin
  • Johnson is the newest ambassador for Gucci's iconic Jackie 1961 handbag
  • PETA asked Johnson to "pledge" that she would stop using Gucci products

PETA called out Dakota Johnson for "wearing and promoting" exotic-skin fashion items from Gucci amid her new campaign with the luxury brand.

The 33-year-old "50 Shades of Grey" star has just been appointed as the official ambassador of the Florence-based fashion house and appeared in the new commercial for the brand's campaign for its iconic Jackie 1961 "reimagined" handbag.

She has since been spotted flaunting most of the brand's fashion items, including the curved half-moon shaped bag that was allegedly made out of authentic reptile skin from pythons and crocodiles.

But it appeared that PETA, a nonprofit organization that operates under the "simple principle that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment or abuse," is unhappy with Johnson's fashion choices.

After the campaign was released, the organization reached out to the actress through a letter signed by PETA's Celebrity Outreach Principal Jessica Shotorbani, which was obtained by TMZ.

"Hi Dakota, I'm writing regarding your ambassadorship with Gucci. According to the company's website, you've been modeling real python and crocodile skins. The exotic skins industry is extremely cruel. PETA Asia recently investigated an Indonesian slaughterhouse that supplies skins to Gucci, and the findings were horrific," Shotorbani wrote, adding that there have been workers "caught on camera" hurting the reptiles to be decapitated for their skin and crocodiles being killed through "electroshocking."

PETA noted that the killing of the snakes to make handbags that cost at least $2,950 is not only "cruel" but also banned from being sold in certain cities, such as California, under California Penal Code Section 653o, where python skin is "not legal" to trade.

"Gucci's use of exotic skins and your promotion of its products are extremely damaging," Shotorbani added before asking Johnson to "pledge" that she would stop "wearing and promoting exotic-skin fashion items" within the day.

Shotorbani also suggested the use of other "vegan alternatives" to python and crocodile skin that are readily available in today's market because there's "no excuse to support such a violent industry."

Gucci has been releasing "exotic" handbags as part of its exclusive line of python and crocodile skin-designed fashion items valued at $2,500 to $52,000.

Although the brand did not directly state that the products were made of reptile skin, most of the bags sold online include a note that read, "Note that python products may not be shipped to California," seemingly indicating its authenticity.

Johnson and her representatives have not released an official statement regarding the incident. But it appeared that the award-winning actress has not cut ties with Gucci since the ad campaign remained on the luxury brand's Instagram page.

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