A graduation party in Philadephia turned deadly Sunday night after a shooting left one man dead and seven others injured. Authorities say the shooter remains at large.

The shooting occurred shortly before 10:30 p.m. at a party with about 60 people in attendance, according to reports. An unidentified man, who had been spotted walking around the area earlier in the day, approached the party with a rifle and began firing.

“It appears as if three males were seen near that parking lot area, around the time of the shooting,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told media. “One of whom started shooting into the crowd, indiscriminately and subsequently struck obviously six people, one of whom died. It’s just another case of wanton and senseless violence that we can’t get our brains around.”

The only victim identified by name was 24-year-old Isiaka Meite, who was shot in the back and died at a local hospital. Other victims included four teens between the ages of 15 and 17, who were shot in the leg and three adults in their 20s, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

“That is deeply disturbing to us, that someone would resort to that, irrespective of what it was about, that you would pull out a gun and fire at people like that without any regard for life whatsoever,” Ross said. “We are ramping up our patrols across the city, but it’s also one that should be asked of a lot of other people as well. If you only continue to ask us, we’re never going to solve this issue.”

Philadelphia police are asking for any help in identifying the gunman and are encouraging local residents to reach out with viable information.

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Pictured is a police cordon that surrounds the scene of a house fire in Sycamore Lane, Stafford, on Feb. 6, 2019 in England. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images