A brawl broke out after a wedding in a Philadelphia hotel over the weekend, leaving one man, a bride’s uncle, dead. The altercation involving dozens of guests from two weddings and police was caught on video by a hotel patron, reports a local NBC news station.

The 57-year-old uncle of a bride who was also celebrating his birthday was found unconscious by police, and was later pronounced dead of a heart attack at Jefferson Hospital, police report according to NBC. The man who lost his life was supposedly not involved in the massive scuffle.

Investigators allegedly told NBC that about 75 to 100 people were involved in the altercation. Police claim that alcohol played a large part in the chaos that ensued at Society Hill on Sunday Morning, alleges that the Philly Daily News.

The Daily News writes that police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers claims said “"There was an issue with a lot of alcohol fueling the fights."

Apparently an altercation began between guests of one wedding party as the second party arrived at the hotel. Police supposedly told NBC that someone from the latter party was hit and the brawl ensued.

"I was up on the second floor watching,” said Max Schultz, the 15-year-old boy from Camp Hill, Penn. who captured the fight on video. “It was bedlam, out of hand."

Max, who was at the hotel to celebrate his 15th birthday, posted the video of the brawl to YouTube yesterday. The video has since been viewed over 500 thousand times.

"I told him, 'Wow, you're not going to forget this birthday!' " said Schultz's mother, Sue.

Schultz apparently started watching the incident before it became violent, and began taping when things escalated so much that police had to get involved. Officers didn’t become involved until things escalated from yelling a physical violence among the guests, and even police themselves.

"People were fighting back against police," Schultz said according to the Daily News. "I started taping once the police started jumping on people."

Evers didn’t have an exact number of guests to give to the Daily News, but he did say that a third assist was called in by the cops, "which is almost a citywide assist."

“The police came in and started clubbing people,” said Schultz in a video interview with NBC. The video shows several officers using clubs on members of the brawl, as well as one man, who Evers referred to as “the main combatants" had a Taser used on him.

It looked necessary because these people were obviously ramped up on stuff," the 15-year-old said to the Daily News. "The people were fighting back. It was a mess."

There has been no information on the identities of those involved in the fight released by the police, aside from noting that the man who died of a heart attack was a bride’s uncle.