All eyes were expected to be on Kate Middleton on her wedding day, but for one woman it was all about Kate's sister Pippa.

After watching Pippa at Prince William and Kate's royal wedding, Florida single mom, Jenny Fizgerald, 43, decided to get plastic surgery. So what body part of Pippa Middleton did the mom of two want to mimic? The British beauty's behind.

Fizgerald, who had been single for six years at the time of her surgery, found a doctor online, reports The Sun. The 43-year-old believed that the reason why she didn't have her own Prince Charming was because her butt was too flat.

I didn't want a huge bum, said Fizgerald. I wanted one that was pert and elegant like Pippa's. When I saw her in that dress on TV, I knew I wanted what she had.

The surgery cost Fizgerald $10,000. In order to get the Pippa Butt Lift, Fizgerald had Dr. Constantino Mendieta extract fat from another part of her body and inject it into her butt.  Because the woman was a size four, the doctor told her to bulk up, reports the Mirror. It was amazing, said Fizgerald. I got to eat all my favorites and could gain weight without feeling guilty. It was all going towards giving me the perfect shape I longer for.

After the surgery, Fizgerald had the body she always wanted. It was like a dream come true, she said. I love my new body and just like Pippa I get loads more attention from men.

Fizgerald ended up meeting Carlos, 42, three months after her surgery. The pair are now engaged, and according to Fizgerald, her new love wouldn't have happened without her new butt. I know my new bum made this happen, she said. I finally feel great and sexy about myself.

To see pictures of Jenny Fizgerald's Pippa Middleton butt click here.