For anyone who missed out on PlayStation hardware deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Sony has some brand new deals. Whether players want to upgrade or bolster their PS4 situation or buy into the PlayStation line for the first time, it is about to be cheaper to do that than ever before.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog and reported by GameSpot, Sony would roll out its set of annual holiday deals starting next week. The discounts focused exclusively on the PlayStation VR headset and the PlayStation 4 Pro console.

For players who already have a 4K and HDR-enabled TV or who plan on getting one in the future, the PS4 Pro is $350, or $50 off from its normal price. That price only applies to the normal console package, which comes with the console and a controller. For those who want the PS4 Pro bundled with the controversial “Star Wars Battlefront II” or the newly expanded “Destiny 2,” those two bundles are $400 each, also a $50 discount from their regular prices. Those deals are available from Dec. 10 to Dec. 16.

For those who want to escape our reality and immerse in virtual worlds for a while, three PlayStation VR bundles are each $100 off. The headset with “Gran Turismo Sport” is just $200, a heavy discount regardless of the fact that the game only has a somewhat limited VR mode and is not a full VR game. The PSVR bundle with “DOOM VFR” is $300, so if you want to violently murder demons on Mars, that's the best bet. Finally, players can experience the six-year-old world of “Skyrim” with a PSVR “Skyrim VR” bundle for $350. Those bundles are available an extra week, from Dec. 10 to Dec. 24.

The PS4 Pro is a souped up PS4 that can run games in 4K resolution with high-dynamic range lighting on TVs that support those features. It can also enhance performance in select games. Much like the Xbox One X, it will play all the same games as its less-powerful counterpart. Speaking of which, there has been no indication the Xbox One X will be discounted this holiday season.

PlayStation VR, meanwhile, launched last year and is still the most affordable of the “high-end” gaming VR headsets. Unlike Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it does not require an expensive gaming PC to play and will work with any PS4. That said, the reduced price also means it is not as powerful as the other two VR options. None of the discounted bundles come with the PlayStation Move motion controllers that are required by some PSVR games.