Pokémon Go has celebrated several different holidays since its release, and it appears St. Patrick’s Day won’t be one of them. As we creep into the late hours on this Irish day of celebration, it looks like Niantic won’t be giving us a drunk Pikachu to catch.

As for why we’re confident no St. Patrick’s Day festivities will begin over the next few hours, one need look no further than the release pattern of Niantic’s recent holiday events. In February, the pink Pokémon promotion for Valentine’s Day went live around 9 a.m. EDT nearly a week before Feb. 14. The year-end event was posted two days before Christmas around 2 p.m. EDT.

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As we approach 3 p.m. on St Patrick’s Day, it simply wouldn’t make sense for Niantic to run a promotion for a day or two before turning it off. That’s not how these things have historically worked.

That being said, if the developers decide to have a St. Patrick’s Day event next year, this drunk Pikachu is exactly what we’d want to see. It’s never going to happen, obviously, but the Pokémon franchise has always been thematically tuned to the concept of hope, right?

With St. Patrick’s Day off the event calendar, the next major day to look forward to is Easter on April 16. Considering that’s a religious holiday primarily focused on eggs and candy, it’s highly unlikely Niantic would pass up on that opportunity for a little fun. Still looking for those Gen 2 monsters or need some candy to evolve? We’d expect additional help in those areas leading up to the big day.

Pokémon Go is available now on Android and iOS.
How would you organize a Pokémon Go St. Patrick’s Day Event? Do you think we’ll get one next year? Tell us in the comments section!