The Isle of Armor DLC has arrived for "Pokemon Sword and Shield," with Crown Tundra following in Fall 2020. The first DLC, which was released on June 17, has the potential to give a truly unique experience to fans. It could also prove as a ‘testing ground’ of sorts for improvements to the 25-year-old franchise.

According to Game Rant, the DLC represents the first time the franchise is trying to add Pokemon – old or new – through paid content. It didn’t come without controversy, however; “Pokemon Sword and Shield” was widely derided for not including the entire roster of the series’ loveable creatures, mostly those that were there from the start up to the current series of Pokemon.

Territories like the Wild Area were introduced, while some animation and a few integrations were featured. These are only some areas where the franchise could expand upon. The series also appears to be trying out gameplay centered on open-exploration, something which is the core of the animated series it is based on.

The biggest improvement that has been included in the Expansion Pass DLCs may be the return of some Pokemon previously unavailable in the series. This, as per Gamespot, is a mixed bag of some old favorites like Venusaur and Blastoise. Legendaries are also making a return, be it in a familiar form or not, in the case of the Galarian Legendaries like Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

New Pokemon have also been added. The Isle of Armor DLC will be receiving Kubfu, a Fighting-type Legendary and the mascot of the former DLC. The Crown Tundra DLC will receive Calyrex, also serving as the face of the latter DLC. Aside from them, Slowpoke, Slowbro and Slowking will also be introduced in its Galarian form.

There are many more new features and exciting new additions to the DLCs included in the Expansion Pass. The biggest addition, so far, remains that of returning Pokemon which had been considered absent. The Isle of Armor expansion is out now, while Crown Tundra will arrive later on this year.

The Isle of Armor DLC
The DLC adds Pokemon never before seen in the region of Galar, as well as beloved old favorites. Isle of Armor / Pokemon US