A police supervisor from Atlanta, Georgia is charged with a felony after she ignored traffic instructions, hit another officer with her car and bit him on the hand when he tried to get her out of the vehicle.

The accused officer, identified as Lt. Sharonne Annette Steed, a supervisor at the Airport Precinct, was on her way to the bank on her private vehicle when she ignored traffic instructions from an officer and hit him with the car instead.

The victim, Officer Joel Paul Curtis Richardson, was on his off-duty job assisting with traffic near Wells Fargo bank at 3820 Camp Creek Parkway Friday afternoon when he spotted Steed and gave her traffic instructions.

He tried to get her out of the car after she hit him with the vehicle but she bit him hard in the hand. The duo then had a heated argument during which Steed identified herself as an officer of the Atlanta police.

An investigator was assigned to the incident after the issue heated up as several supervisors had responded to the scene.

A warrant was issued against Steed and she was asked to go on administrative leave until further notice. She has been serving the service since July 1997.

Steed faces four counts of charges including obstruction, aggravated assault, battery and violation of oath by a public officer.

On Tuesday (April 14), she surrendered herself into the Fulton County Jail. She is under custody without a bond.

In a similar incident that took place in San Fransisco, California on Sunday (April 13), the San Fransisco police after receiving a report about a fight responded to a gas station at 110 Hickey Blvd and found out that the suspect had stabbed a man during a carjacking attempt. When the responding officer tried to take the suspect into custody he stabbed the officer and fled the crime scene with a patrol vehicle.

Following a pursuit, the officers managed to get the suspect out of the car but he refused to surrender and threatened the officers with a knife. The “officers were forced to shoot the suspect.” The man died at the scene.

This is a representational image showing a handcuff. Getty Images/John Moore