Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks in Chicago, Sept. 28, 2015. Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Bernie Sanders campaign is reporting it raised $44 million in March, edging out the $43.5 million fundraising record it set in February.

As in previous months, the bulk of the money came from small donors contributing an average of $27, the campaign said. It reported raising $5 million of its total March haul in just one day, the last day of the month.

The announcement of the fundraising record follows a generally solid late March for Sanders, who has won five of the last six statewide contests. On March 22, he lost Arizona to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, but claimed Idaho and Utah; four days later, he swept Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state.

Clinton still holds a significant delegate lead, and polling suggests April’s big votes — namely those in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland —are not exactly friendly territory for Sanders. But the fundraising arm of his campaign has done nothing but pick up momentum in the past few months, suggesting that no matter what happens, he’ll likely have the resources to keep running all the way to the convention.

Clinton’s campaign has yet to announce its March fundraising total, and Federal Election Commission filings for the month are not yet due. But on March 18, the Clinton campaign boasted it has now received contributions from more than 1 million donors.