Within 24 hours from posting just two tweets, Pottermore’s official Twitter account has managed to get a whopping 44,000 plus followers as on Friday, June 17.

J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter fiction series, launched Pottermore, the new Harry Potter website, on Thursday, sparking curiosity and sending fans a series of clues to help them uncover the site.

One of the Tweets reads: “Looks like the owls are getting ready to deliver some exciting news: www.youtube.com/JKRowlingAnnounces #pottermore.”

The Harry Potter “coming soon” website features just the site’s name, the author’s signature and two owls on either side giving the wholesome “wizard” effect.

In fact, currently the owls are the only clickable items on the website, which lead to a YouTube video showing a timer, counting down “until J.K. Rowling’s announcement”(Six days from Friday).

The YouTube page also features more owls and the description reads: “The owls are gathering…Find out why soon,” creating more suspense about Pottermore website. What’s more mystical? Move your mouse cursor on each owl and they will stare at you!

Have a look at the Pottermore wesite here. Follow Pottermore on Twitter.