• Google is adding 5 free games for Stadia Pro subscribers this June
  • "Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid" headlines the list, along with recently released indie game called "Get Packed"
  • Stadia Pro has a $10-per-month subscription fee

Google Stadia is ramping up its efforts to provide more games for its players amid the coronavirus crisis.

This June, the cloud-based gaming service will bring in five news games that will be available for free for all Stadia Pro subscribers. Headlining the list is “Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid,” along with a recently released indie game called “Get Packed.”

Rounding up the five-game lineup are “Panzer Dragoon: Remake,” “Little Nightmares,” and “Superhot.”

“Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid” is a 2D fighting game released in 2019. While it has been largely criticized for its graphics and lack of characters, its gameplay and combat mechanics have been widely praised – which should still make for a satisfying experience.

On the other hand, “Get Packed” is a one-month-old title that is designed for co-op play. As the name suggests, the game tasks players to work together in packing up houses in a frantic and fast-paced scenario. It brings absolutely made, which is what makes it even more fun.

Meanwhile, “Panzer Dragoon: Remake” is a shooter video game wherein players pilot a dragon while fighting off the Prototype Dragon using an ancient gun. What makes the game even more enjoyable is the stunning locations for each level.

For its part, “Little Nightmares” is a puzzle and survival horror game wherein players have to guide the main character in escaping The Maw – a massive and mysterious vessel – while uncovering the truth about it.

Lastly, “Superhot” is an interesting take in the first-person shooter genre. In the game (and as its slogan says), “time only moves when you move.” With such mechanic, players can strategize and come up with the best moves while fighting.

All five games will arrive on June 1, and players can access and play them for free through Stadia Pro – a $10-per-month subscription service. For what it’s worth though, Google has been offering a free trial to the Stadia Pro which will last until June.

For those not in the know, Stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform that allows players to access games using different hardware. With the said service, players can enjoy their games through TVs, laptops, desktops and some tablets and phones.

Power Rangers
The new “Power Rangers” film will hit theaters in March 2017. Lionsgate