The premiere of “Power” Season 5 is just a few days away, which means viewers will finally see Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan come together in an effort to take down Dre. While most fans love to hate the controversial character, Rotimi, the actor who plays Dre, revealed he admires the young hustler.

When “Power” returns to Starz, Dre will continue to morph into a more modern version of Ghost (Omari Hardwick), but will soon find himself as the main target of a revenge plot.

Although his character is being blamed for the murders of Julio (J.R. Ramirez) and Raina (Donshea Hopkins), Rotimi revealed he actually loves Dre and believes the character has been “justified” in trying to take over Ghost’s business, and with every action he has taken to make it happen. 

During an interview with Decider, the actor explained his character and Ghost have a lot in common but revealed the audience is too distracted by Dre’s role as a villain to see the similar traits the men share. Power Rotimi plays the role of Dre on the Starz series “Power.” Photo: Starz

“It’s just the fact that people are so ‘Team Ghost’ because of the writing, but in actuality, [Dre] is no different. He has no loyalty to anybody, [and] they’ve done way worse things than him. [Ghost’s] best friend he put away for ten years, he constantly is doing something behind his other best friend’s back,” Rotimi said.

“I think Dre is the most justified to feel and do what it is he [does],” he continued.

 “It’s interesting because, again, the writing has made you feel a different way,” the “Want More” singer added.

When Starz begins releasing new episodes of “Power” in July, Rotimi revealed he is unsure about Dre’s future on the show. “I knew that there was going to be a lot asked of me, so I was excited. I don’t know what to expect because Courtney’s [Kemp] writing is so unpredictable and so great,” he explained.

However, Rotimi promised fans will see him give 100 percent every time his face pops up on the small screen. “I really just studied and listened a lot and focused on bringing a different vibe every scene and really challenge myself. That was the first time I really felt that.”

“Power” Season 5 premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on Starz.