Kate Middleton is eager to help mothers like herself.

On Wednesday, Kensington Palace announced that Middleton is hosting an event focused on maternal mental health. "The Duchess of Cambridge today hosted a roundtable discussion on maternal mental health at Kensington Palace with The Royal Foundation," the announcement on Twitter read.

At least 20 percent of women are reportedly affected by mental health issues during pregnancy and the first year following their delivery. If their condition is left untreated, it can significantly affect the woman and her family.

In line with this, Middleton, a mental health advocate, wants to understand the different issues surrounding maternal mental health. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is expecting her third baby, met with experts from Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

Middleton herself is aware of the different struggles that women encounter during pregnancy. In fact, her own pregnancies have not been easy. When the palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third royal baby, they also revealed that the royal mom-of-two suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum or severe morning sickness. The condition kept Middleton from fulfilling her royal duties and even forced her to miss Prince George's first day of school.

According to an expert, hyperemesis gravidarum is life threatening because it is "a thousand times worse than morning sickness." Dr. Marlena Fejzo, who experience this herself, confessed that it was terrible. She was hospitalized due to severe dehydration and couldn't even do most things on her own.

"I could not move without vomiting. I did not sit up, go to the bathroom, take a shower, brush my teeth, or leave my bed for 10 miserable weeks," Fejzo said. "I had hypersalivation and had to use a machine like they have at the dentist’s office to suck off the excessive saliva. I was basically foaming at the mouth like a poisoned animal."

In related news, Alicia Silverstone also wanted to help mothers, so she wrote the book "The Kind Mama." The "Clueless" actress sent a touching letter and a copy of her book to Middleton to show her support to the Duchess of Cambridge.

"Embracing this kind way and getting your body as healthy as possible will allow you to enjoy a smoother pregnancy," Silverstone wrote. "Ultimately, my hope for you is the same for all women who read this book: That you feel like you have a trusted resource and fellow mama to guide and reassure you along the way."