Kylie Jenner is rumored to already be in labor after the reality TV star was reportedly seen at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

One Twitter user uploaded two screenshots suggesting that the 20-year-old is about to give birth. An unnamed sender claimed that her sister is working at the hospital where Jenner was at that time.

Further speculations heightened after fans saw Travis Scott’s post on Snapchat. The deleted post led one fan to think that Scott, who is said to be the father of Jenner’s baby, confirmed the news himself. “Make it home to ya one way or another,” his post read.

“Kylie is currently in labor, thank you Travis for confirming the rumor I spread as if it were my own child,” the fan replied. But the tweet has already been deleted.

US Weekly noted that this isn’t the first time the rapper wrote the sentence on his Snapchat. On Dec. 26, fans also speculated that Jenner was already in labor after Scott posted the statement on social media alongside a picture of the airplane he was in.

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that the Kylie Cosmetics CEO is not in labor yet. The recent rumors are just part of the ongoing conspiracy theories surrounding the reality TV star’s pregnancy.

As of late, Jenner has not yet confirmed whether or not she’s really expecting a baby girl. She has also done a wonderful job at staying away from the media’s watchful eye. As such, it’s impossible that news about Jenner’s pregnancy or labor will be unveiled to the public.

A source also told People that Jenner won’t confirm her pregnancy until she gives birth. “Kylie isn’t going to publicly address her pregnancy until she gives birth. She’s not doing any public appearances and just wanted to take six months off,” the source said.

Another source told US Weekly that the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is in a good place and is healthy throughout her pregnancy.

“She’s very happy about the pregnancy but she doesn’t want to share this with the world. Her not being out is strictly personal preference. She wants to keep this one aspect of her life private,” the source said.