Nothing like airing your dirty laundry.

Pregnant “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans has publicly slammed her new husband Courtland Rogers on Twitter after he allegedly cheated on her.

The reality star is devastated by the news, as any mother-to-be would be.

Sadly it comes only days since she revealed the couple was expecting a child and she gushed that they were so happy together.

But happiness doesn’t seem to linger around Evans for too long, on Monday she took to her Twitter account to vent about the problems she was having with Rogers.

The Teen Mom wrote on her account: “ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME?!”

She the added a visceral description: “Heartbroken in half completely.”

The 21-year-old MTV starlet then sadly wrote: “And just to think I fooled myself into thinking I was happy, happiness doesn’t exist it seems like. Just when I’m around my one and only.”

Rogers tried to explain his version of the story, also taking to Twitter: “I went out last night and got wasted and came home at 3 am and I left my pregnant wife asleep by herself but I didn’t cheat!! I just left.”

He also added: “She deserves somebody better!! A guy with a job a house and the perseverance to b anything they wanna be I’m a piece of sh*t and I now know!”

The young mother, whose first son Jace is currently living with his grandmother, then responded:

“Want me to blast what u did? Lmfao don’t think so.”

She continued: “It was much worse than that.”

Upon finding out she was pregnant, the reality television star posted a picture of her sonogram on her Sulia blog, circling the image of the unborn baby, six weeks after conception.

“Check out my ultrasound picture. I circled where the baby is located since its really hard to see,” she wrote on social networking site.

“I'm seven weeks now and was six weeks and two days when the ultrasound was done. If you look closely you can see on the bottom left hand corner it tells you how big the baby is and how far along I am. So excited!”

Evans told MTV the pregnancy with her husband wasn’t planned saying, “I missed a few birth control pills, and found out I was pregnant at a doctor's appointment.”

“I was really surprised. This wasn't planned, but it happened, so we're taking it as we go. Courtland and I are happy and excited now.”

Evans allegedly believes the child will be a girl and has already picked out her name, but some are concerned about the couple bringing a child into the world considering neither of them are currently taking care of the children they brought into the world from past relationships.

Evans was recently accused of being a heroin addict and her ex-boyfriend, notorious bad boy Kieffer Delp, implied the couple might not even be able to take their child home from the hospital because of their history with drugs.

“I hope they let her take him or her home from the hospital.”

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