Karen Turner, a pregnant mother, was butchered to death while in bed next to her husband and toddler son during a birthday trip.

The 31-year-old was staying at a South African holiday resort with her family when the attack occurred during the night.

Two men armed with knives broke into the self-contained lodge overlooking the beach at the Hluleka Nature Reserve.

Her husband, Matthew Turner, was repeatedly stabbed as he lay beside his wife. It is believed Karen died instantly from the hail of knives while her husband managed to resist.

He was flown to Pietermaritzburg where he underwent surgery and is currently in a stable condition. The police claimed he remains in hospital with severe upper-body injuries.

It was only the 23-month-old infant, Hayden that survived the attack uninjured.

The motives for the senseless attack and murders are still not known.

The police spokeswoman, Captain Dineo Koena says friends of the couple staying at a chalet next door were woken up to shouting and a struggle. They went to check on them to find the horrifying scene.

She said the husband opened the door and he was bleeding while his wife was dead on the bed. He was rushed to hospital while the infant was given to the neighbor to care for in the meantime.

Ms. Koena claims there were no signs of forced entry, though everything inside the home was turned on its head. She added that it did not seem like a robbery because there were no valuables stolen in the chaos.

According to the police, the arrest of one of the perpetrators is imminent.

Karen’s older brother, Ian Crouch claimed the couple had been on their way to a wedding and took the week off to spend some time together. Some of the family members arrived soon after the incident, and they were shattered.

Mr. Crouch did confirm he had talked to the husband after the attack. He claims his brother-in law’s recollection was he was woken up by being stabbed in the stomach by a man on his side of the bed. Another man was also stabbing his wife.

He did manage to tussle with his attacker down the stairs. That was when they left, probably because of his resistance.

The attack comes a few days before Prince Harry is due to fly to South Africa with his wife Meghan and son, Archie.

Unfortunately, crime rates have risen significantly over the recent year with 21,000 murders and 45,000 rapes taking place.

The country is currently dealing with worrying violence levels against both foreigners and women.

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