• A pregnant woman claimed her sister-in-law used her photos to attract men on Tinder without her knowledge
  • The woman and her husband were allegedly harassed by one of the catfishing scam's victims
  • The woman has urged her sister-in-law to reveal the truth to her victims

A 32-year-old pregnant woman claimed her sister-in-law used her photos in the latter's catfishing scam, which resulted in the woman and her husband getting harassed by one of the victims in public.

The American woman had just finished dining at a Mexican restaurant with her husband, 33, when she was approached by the establishment's bartender, who accused her of cheating on her husband with him, reported, citing a post on Reddit by user throwrarqpu.

"When we left, [the bartender] was waiting outside. He confronted me. Telling also my husband that I was cheating," the woman told users of a sub-forum dedicated to relationship advice. "[My husband] was shocked, [and] so was I."

The bartender had been eyeing the woman, who is 6 months pregnant, "weirdly" inside the restaurant prior to the showdown on the street, she claimed.

The woman's husband allegedly got into a verbal altercation with the stranger after the latter, upon being asked for his identity, insisted that she "shouldn't play stupid."

"He left, calling me a c--t after showing us the profile that didn't have my name on it and the Telegram conversation 'we' had," the woman said.

The woman said she was able to calm her "livid" husband after she showed him her phone, which had neither Tinder nor Telegram installed. Additionally, she said both apps were not in the device's deleted cache.

According to the Reddit user, when the couple later visited her mother-in-law's home, her husband's mother encouraged them to make a complaint to the restaurant over the harassment of the bartender. However, her husband's 19-year-old sister told the couple to stop and "came clean."

They then discovered that the "mess" had been caused by her sister-in-law, who admitted to using the pregnant woman's pictures on her Tinder profile to attract men without the woman's knowledge and consent.

"[My sister-in-law] said the reason was that she didn't feel pretty enough and that when she used [T]inder with her pictures, [barely] any guys swiped right on her," the Reddit user said. "She had used it as a boat for herself, and it had gone terribly out of hand."

The woman said she felt "sorry" for her sister-in-law but was still "livid" over her actions. Meanwhile, her husband was "more on the side of forgiving and moving on," according to the Reddit user.

The woman later talked to her sister-in-law and urged her to reveal the truth to the two men she was catfishing.

The woman later addressed the comments slamming her sister-in-law, adding, "This is obviously not a malicious act from a mastermind. This was a very misguided and stupid and dangerous move that had very little common sense behind it. However, she is not a criminal."

The Reddit user also said she talked to her husband and "made him understand how dangerous this could have been."

"[I] showed him some news of women getting murdered for rejecting men and why I was so scared and furious. He hadn't really thought about that," the woman said.

According to the woman, her husband will talk to his sister and his mother about therapy for the young girl as her actions appeared to be "a scream for help." The woman also said the couple decided to lessen contact with her sister-in-law until she was no longer angry but emphasized that they were not planning to "call the police" on the 19-year-old.

Representation. A pregnant woman claimed her sister-in-law used her photos to attract men on Tinder without her knowledge, which resulted in the woman being harassed by one of the victims. Pixabay