A pregnant mother saved the lives of her three children by fighting off a pack of stray dogs all by herself.

Seema Devi, from India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh, fought with the dogs after seeing her 5-year-old daughter being dragged away by the canines Tuesday. Both the mother and daughter were admitted to a hospital in critical condition after they were attacked by the dogs.

Devi was inside her house cooking, while her three children – 10-year-old Anuj, 5-year-old Pallavi and 3-year-old Monu – were playing outside when the incident happened. Her husband, Danveer Singh, had gone out for work. The woman rushed outside when she heard her daughter screaming for help and found a pack of about six dogs dragging her away, Deccan Herald reported.

The dogs were attacking her two sons as well.

Seema sprung into action and ran to her children's rescue. She put up a fight for about 10 minutes and managed to free her children from the jaws of the hostile animals. The mother kicked and pushed the dogs until they backed off.

The woman and all her three children suffered injuries in the attack. The pack of strays had severely bitten the mother's hands and also ripped out some flesh from the 5-year-old girl's body. Both are in critical condition. Doctors said the girl is suffering from trauma after the attack.

Police said all measures would be taken to capture the stray dogs that attacked the family.

"We went to the village after getting the information about the attack. Since the family was injured by stray dogs, no complaint is possible in this case," Police Officer Srikant Dwivedi told the Times of India. "A team from the municipal corporation went to the village and assured the locals that a drive will be conducted to catch the stray dogs in the area."

Representative image Credit: Pixabay