A prehistoric body believed to be that of a woman was discovered in the bog near Portlaoise, of County Laois in the midlands of Ireland on Wednesday. While the head and torso of the body, which could be 3000 years old, had decomposed, the legs survived due to the high chemical content in the bog.

A turf-milling machine driver had found the prehistoric body, which was examined by archaeologists of National Museum of Ireland who said that the body could be that of a victim of a sacrifice ritual.

Clonycavan, Co Meath, a well-preserved Iron Age bog body on permanent display at The National Museum of Ireland Credit: irishweatheronline.com

Bogs being precarious, scientists believe that some of the bog bodies discovered earlier could belong to travelers who accidentally fell into the peat. But some others are deliberately buried as part of ritual, say experts.

Bog butter, an ancient waxy substance made of dairy products or meat and found buried in peat bogs, leather shoes and axe heads were also found at the site in recent years.

The National Museum in Dublin will analyze and carbon-date the body to determine its exact age, BBC reported.