• President Donald Trump shares a clip of him and Melania Trump leaving the White House
  • Donald Trump and Melania Trump warned of monkey attacks in India
  • Ivanka Trump slammed for joining the delegates in India

President Donald Trump shared a clip of him and wife Melania departing for India.

The president and first lady are on their way to their state visit in India. Trump shared a clip taken from inside the aircraft as they took off.

“Departing for India with Melania!” Trump wrote in the caption on Twitter.

Trump’s post received various reactions from followers. While many hoped for the POTUS and FLOTUS to have a safe trip, several slammed the couple and some even expressed that they should not return to the U.S.

“Don’t come back,” Tony Posnanski, owner of Tony’s Sports Card, commented.

“Quick, somebody change the locks!” @JoyfullyDazed wrote.

“Feel free to keep him India... he's all yours!” @AngelaBelcamino commented.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters left warm wishes for the couple for their trip.

“Have a great and safe Trip to India Mr. President. Make us proud as always!” @real_defender wrote.

“India is welcome to keep him,” @EdwardTHardy responded to Trump’s critics.

However, some netizens from India also declined to keep Trump.

“Sorry Sis. We have enough trouble with his counterpart guy over here,” @IDLInation wrote.

“No, thank you. We have a great pm,” @knockoutt55 added.

Meanwhile, Trump and Melania were warned of monkey attacks ahead of their trip. The POTUS and FLOTUS will travel from Agra Airport to Taj Mahal. The government has been preparing for their visit, but the security lockdown doesn’t apply to the hundreds of monkeys in the area.

There are reported cases of monkey and stray animal attacks in India. According to a local resident, the terror of the monkeys is so pervasive that women and children are scared of going up on the roof of their houses.

Meanwhile, Ivanka and Jared Kushner are joining Trump and Melania on their trip. The online users slammed the first daughter because for them, her presence is unnecessary.