An unedited photo of U.S. President Barack Obama making a speech Wednesday has gone viral and sparked Illuminati rumors. Since his first inauguration in 2008, people have made links between the president and the secret society bent on a new world order. Obama addressed the nation Wednesday from the Cross Hall of the White House about his plans for military action against the Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIS. In a photo taken during his speech, a set of "horns" can be seen on top of Obama's head, due to the design of a curtain behind him.

People on social media were quick to make a connection between Obama and Illuminati based on the picture. In addition to the photo of Obama with “devil horns,” conspiracy theorists also noted that Obama has three syllables in his name, a triangle has three sides and 9/11 is three numbers. Thursday marked the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.


The numbers 3, 9 and 11 have very special meaning to the Illuminati, according to Milton William Cooper, author of “Secret Societies/New World Order." "The numbers 3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39. Any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati. Notice that the Bilderberg Group has a core of 39 members who are broken into 3 groups of 13 members in each group,” Cooper wrote.

The Bilderberg Group in 1954 had their first meeting and members reportedly include some of the most powerful people in the world who control its resources. “Notice that the core of 39 answers to the 13 who make up the Policy Committee. Take special notice that the 13 members of the Policy Committee answer to the Round Table of Nine. You know that the original number of states in the United States of America was 13. The Constitution has 7 articles and was signed by 39 members of the Constitutional Convention,” Cooper wrote.