"Pretty Little Liars" fans may have felt underwhelmed by last year's season finale, but executive producer Marlene King is promising that this season's finale will impress viewers tenfold.

The "PLL" finale will air on Tuesday night at 8/7c on ABC Family.

"Honestly, people's jaws will hit the floor," King tells TVGuide.com. "For people who felt like [Mona being A] wasn't the big twist they were looking for, they're getting their big twist tomorrow. And the fact that it's two massive, mind-blowing twists, fans will be so shocked and satisfied by this episode. "

Mona (Janel Parrish) has been behind bars since the beginning of season 3, but it's been made evident that she isn't working by herself and according to previews that ABC Family has been showing fans will get to see the "ultimate betrayer," Mona's accomplice.

"Pretty Little Liars" fan Francesca Ardito believes Paige might be the betrayer ABC Family has been hyping up all summer.

King explained, "You'll know who both of those people are and you'll see the two black hoodies together in the finale."

But after speaking with Hollywood Life, King explained that Paige might not be on the "A" team like everyone suspects.

"They're on rocky ground at the beginning of the episode, as the girls are suspecting that Paige is on the 'A' team. By the end of the episode, they're reunited in a heartbreaking scene. When I watch it, I cry every time," she said.

Viewers also found out that Mona is no longer locked up. "In the MuchMusic promo, you see she leaves Radley in her nurse's outfit," King says. "She'll be readying her black hoodie closet very early in the episode."

King made sure the keep the secret of who the betrayer was such a secret, even from the actors on the show. She said multiple endings were filmed. "I have pictures of everyone in the black hoodie and I can't wait to tweet it out; I've been waiting!"

Everyone thought things were going to be easier or Ezra and Aria once they announced that they were dating; but viewers found out that all three characters, Maggie, Ezra and Aria, have secrets.

"Both Aria and Maggie have a secret," King said. Then regarding Ezra's shady past she explained, "We really wanted to three-dimentionalize Ezra and expanding from everyone in Rosewood has a secret, once 'Ezria' was out, he didn't have a secret anymore. So it's always fun for these people to still have secrets and hide them from getting out. "

The original PLL get together in the finale to warn Emily that they believe Paige is A and dangerous, King says:

"Emily has this line, 'Well, three against one; A wins.' That's where the episode starts, but by the end the four PLLs will once again be reunited - in a heartbreaking and beautiful scene."

Who do you think is on team "A?" It's definitely someone who is close to the "Pretty Little Liars."