Tuesday, Feb. 4, is all about drama, drama, drama! Episode 18 of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on ABC Family at 8 p.m. … and Spencer is hot on the heels of “A.”

Last time viewers left off, Spencer did some digging into Alison’s stories and ended up at a bar close to Hollis College. If the name of the school sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same school that Ezra attended and briefly taught at.

The story that Spencer was looking into, “Love and Death,” is about Alison and the older guy she was seeing before her death… “Board Shorts.” For the past few seasons the girls have been trying to unmask the mysterious Board Shorts, but to no success. Spencer finally caught her big break, but the reveal was much more shocking than she imagined.

In “Love and Death,” Alison explains that she used to let her older man read some of her stories at the local bar. He would read them while drinking a beer and ordering poison berry pie -- an odd combination.

When Spencer arrived at the bar she discovered Ezra eating a poison berry pie. Her English teacher canceled the rest of his order upon seeing her and made a quick exit. But unfortunately for Ezra, the waitress decided to drop the rest of his order off to Spencer -- a beer called “Board Shorts.”

Spencer’s new information about “A” is unconfirmed … and can ruin her relationship with her friends. So, does she tell Aria and the others? That’s what episode 18, “Hot For Teacher,” will explore.

According to the leaked synopsis, the Feb. 4 episode will find Spencer “more determined than every to prove her theory before bringing it to the other girls’ attention.” Unfortunately for Spencer that will lead to sleepless nights due to her new prescription drug use. And while Spencer thinks she’s using the prescription medication for good, her odd behavior will become noticeable.

Hanna will be doing her best to figure out Spencer’s secret; meanwhile, Emily will turn to an old enemy for help: Shana. After her last botched meet-up with Alison, Emily is desperate to make amends and will do whatever it takes, including asking Shana for help. Aria on the other hand will run into problems when her “lies start to take a toll on her.”

Other scoop to look forward to in episode 18? The “Pretty Little Liars” Facebook page gave the following three clues about “Hot For Teacher”:

-“Something causes Ali to cry.”

-“EzrA is CRAZIER than ever.”

-“Something scary happens to Shana.”

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