“Pretty Little Liars” retuned to ABC Family on Tuesday, Jan. 21 with episode 16, “Close Encounters.” The episode picked up where episode 15 left off, with the girls getting a text from “A” thanking them for telling him to look at the Busy Bee Inn for Alison.

Check out the top 9 moments from episode 16, “Close Encounters,” below:

1.The Busy Bee Inn

The four liars rushed to the Busy Bee Inn in an attempt to help Alison escape from A’s clutches, but when they arrived they found a gruesome sight. A window to the building was broken and a shirt on the bed was covered in blood, leading the girls to believe that a struggle occurred. However the big jaw dropper was A’s message on the back of the door: “You’re Too Late.”

Did A get to Alison? Were the girls too late? Or was A setting the girls up to think that he caught Alison? Fans will have to wait to find out, but Hanna doesn’t think Alison was there that night.

2.Aria’s Choice

Aria has been juggling both Jake and Ezra … but not for much longer. “I made up my mind,” she tells Ezra about Jake. “I’m going to talk with him today. You’re the one. You always have been.”

The teen does just that and heads to the gym to meet Jake … who suspects that something is up. “You’re back with Ezra, aren’t you?” he asks Aria. “You told me the kid wasn’t his and you’ve been distant on the phone. Come on Aria, I can handle the truth.”

Aria apologizes, saying that she has a long history with Ezra but wants to be friends with Jake. However Jake tells her that he’s going to “need a little more time for that.”

3.Shana’s Big Reveal

Emily finds herself in a sticky situation when Shana corners her in the church. But Shana claims that she’s not there to hurt Emily. Instead she has a message for her … from Alison. Shana claims that Alison needs Emily and the others to leave her alone because they almost got her killed at the Inn last night.

But how does Shana know all this? According to Shana, she has known Alison since she was three years old because she grew up next to Ali’s grandparents in Georgia. Alison allegedly asked Shana to come to Rosewood in order to help her discover who tried to kill her. As for why she’s hanging out with Jenna, a person who despises Alison? “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” Shana tells Emily.

Emily doubts Shana’s big reveal and tells her that the only way she’ll believe her is if she finds out what Alison said to her when she pulled her out of the barn fire. But Aria, Spencer and Hanna tell Emily even that’s not enough and believe that Shana is working for A.

Shana eventually meets back up with Emily and tells her exactly what she wants to hear … plus that Alison wants to meet her … alone.

4.Hanna’s Rebound

Travis swings by Hanna’s to check in on her after her tearful breakdown in episode 15, and winds up staying to play a game of pool. But their playful banter eventually leads Hanna to pull Travis in for a kiss.

Definitely into Hanna, Travis pulls away strictly because she’s just getting out a relationship. “Maybe we should give this a little more time,” he tells her. However Hanna doesn’t listen. Instead she begins to suck his face again … and he doesn’t resist!

5. Radley Secrets

Spencer’s dad is pushing Toby to drop shutting down Radley and instead sign a settlement that will pay him and his family a hefty amount. While the numbers sound good to Toby and his dad, Spencer believes that her father has ulterior motives. And it looks like she may be right! After digging through her father’s papers, Spencer discovers that Mrs. DiLaurentis is on the board of trustees at Radley. But Toby doesn’t care and signs the agreement anyway, citing it as the best thing for his family.

6. Jake Vs. Ezra

After breaking up with Jake, Aria comes home to find that Jake had sent her a package. Inside was a name pendant for a necklace and a note saying how he can’t wait to see her. Heading back to the gym to thank Jake for the gift, her ex reveals a startling discovery about Ezra.

Earlier that day Jake watched as Ezra had a heated and violent confrontation with a blonde woman in a car. “You have really screwed this up,” he yelled at her. But the blonde woman pulled away before he could berate her any more. “This isn’t over,” he screamed after her.

“I always wondered if Ezra was the person you’re afraid of,” Jakes tells Aria. And when she denies it, Jake warns her that maybe she should be.”

“Ezra I know doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,” Aria argues. And Jake won’t fight her on it.

“You do know him best,” he tells her. “Just do yourself a favor. Keep your eyes open.”

7. Ezra’s Lie

Since Ezra was supposed to be in Philadelphia during the afternoon, Aria confronted her beau about what Jake saw in town.

“Did you even go to Philadelphia?” she demands. And surprisingly Ezra tells the truth: “No.”

Ezra claims that the woman that Jake was talking about was Maggie’s lawyer, and that he met with her because Maggie is trying to prevent him from seeing Malcolm. Needless to say Aria is upset about Ezra’s lie, but Ezra claims he didn’t tell her the truth because Maggie and Malcolm already destroyed them once.

Aria tells him that she chose him and all the baggage that comes with it … but that his story still doesn’t explain why he was screaming at the woman. Ezra says that the conversation was heated but that there was nothing violent about it. But that’s not all. He tries to plant the seed in Aria’s head that Jake is trying to tell her lies about him in order to break them up.

8.Emily’s Meeting With Alison

Despite her friend’s wishes, Emily decides to head off with Shana to meet Alison in an abandoned building. It’s there that Emily comes face-to-face with Alison, who tells her old friend that she’s missed her so much.

“You have no idea how hard it’s been to stay away,” Ali explains. And Emily begs her to let her help. However Alison warns Emily that while she can trust her, she doesn’t know if she can trust Spencer, Hanna and Aria.

Apologizing for treating her so terribly, Alison begs Emily to help her fiend A so that she can come home. But their conversation is cut short when a mysterious person sneaks up behind them. Alison runs away and Emily discovers that Spencer had been hiding in the shadows the whole time.

Emily is upset at Spencer’s betrayal, but Spencer argues that Alison is manipulating her. “She’s still playing games with us,” she tells Emily. “She wanted to make you feel special so you wouldn’t give up on her … don’t you get it? She’s trying to divide us.”

And while a flicker of doubt flashed through Emily, the ultimately ended up running away from Spencer in anger.

9. A’s Revenge

The episode ended with Jake kicking his practice punching bag and ending up on the floor with a nasty cut. Investigating the bag, Jake discovers that someone hid a series of knives in it … and the previous scene just so happened to show Ezra coming back to Aria in his apartment after running an errand …

But that’s not the only revenge that A is seeking. A masked person broke into Shana’s school locker to uncover a childhood photo of Shana with Alison. Tearing the photo in two, the hooded figure took a lighter and burned Shana’s side of the picture.

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