“Pretty Little Liars” season 4B is getting pretty insane. With Spencer on drugs, and Aria in the arms of the enemy, it looks like fans will be witnessing a lot of fallout in the next few weeks.

Episode 19 found Spencer spiraling out of control with her pill habit but letting Emily and Hanna in on the “Ezra is A” theory. The special black-and-white film noir episode concluded with the three girls discovering that Aria and Ezra are back together … and now no one is sure how to break the news to her.

With trouble on the horizon for the four friends, what will happen in episode 20? According to a leaked synopsis for “Free Fall,” the episode will focus on the girls trying to figure out the best way to tell Aria about Ezra – or if they should tell her at all. Spencer is bent on telling the truth to her friend, but Emily and Hanna are concerned that the “A” news would devastate Aria, or dissolve their friendship.

“Certainly there is no way this is going to be kept from Aria,” executive producer Joseph Dougherty dished to TV Guide. “It’s just a question of how she’s going to find out, what she’s going to find out and how she’s going to react. We didn’t say it frivolously when we said it was the season of answers, so you’ll come away from the end with a tremendous amount of information.”

Of course A has his own plan for Aria and her friends. Knowing that the girls are onto him, Ezra tells Aria “about his concern and suspicion of Spencer’s recent addiction problem.” The big reveal will lead everyone to doubt Spencer’s credibility, with suggestions that the “Ezra is A” thing is just something she made up in her head.

The synopsis leaves “Pretty Little Liars” with the question: Could this all be a figment of Spencer’s tired brain or is it just a clever ploy by Ezra to cover his tracks?” All signs seem to point to Ezra!

Episode 20 of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on ABC Family on Tuesday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. What do you think will happen in “Free Fall”? Watch the promo video below and let us know your thoughts by sending a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.