WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Do NOT read unless you watched the Season 5 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars.”

“Pretty Little Liars” returned for its fifth season with a huge revelation. On June 10 the hit ABC Family show finally unveiled – and killed – the mysterious person who has been tormenting Alison, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily: Shana. The teen was confirmed to be dead – but was she the real “A”? That’s the question agonizing fans!

To recap the Season 5 premiere, Ezra was finally able to tell Aria who “A” was. According to showrunner Marlene King, the Rosewood High School English teacher whispered: “It was Shana. It was Shana on the roof.”

The twisted teen discovered the location of Alison, Spencer, Hanna and Emily at the Fitzgerald Theater and went there to settle the score once and for all. With a gun pointed at Alison, Shana told the Liars that it was she that trapped the girls in the lodge and set it on fire. But the most shocking moment came when she revealed her motive – justice for Jenna. Shana had fallen in love with Jenna after Alison sent her to Rosewood to spy. Over time Shana began to hate Alison for the horrible things that she was accused of (and actually did), setting her off on her wild and torturous journey as “A.” Determined to kill Alison, Shana saw her plan derailed when Aria snuck up behind her and knocked her off the stage with a prop gun – accidentally killing her.

Throughout the past few seasons numerous “A” team members have been revealed, and in the season 5 premiere we saw a group of hooded “A’s” surround Alison. So, was Shana the “A” ringleader? Or was she just another one of “A’s” minions?

Entertainment Weekly questioned King about Shana being the main “A,” and the showrunner teased that anything is possible on “Pretty Little Liars.”

“The term the girls are using now is ‘Is there a Big A?’ We sort of coined the phrase 'Big A.' Is there a 'Big A' out there? Is the shoe going to fall? Is there somebody other than Shana who’s going to make our lives miserable? They’ve been dealing with ‘A’ for so long, they’re totally paranoid now,” King explained to EW. “A is dead, and when they get back, I think Aria even says it: ‘My eye still twitches every time my phone rings.’ How are we doing to deal with this? What does life after ‘A’ look like? And the girls will get relief from ‘A.’ They’ll have to explore, what does life after 'A' look like?”

King told TV Guide that there will be no new “A” to torture the girls when they return to Rosewood. But that doesn’t mean that the Liars are going to be home free for the rest of Season 5. For starters, Aria is going to be struggling with the fact that she killed Shana.

“It’s definitely going to haunt her,” the showrunner said to TV Guide. “It’s a huge thing and we don’t take it lightly as storytellers and she doesn’t take it lightly as a compassionate human being. Whether it was self-defense or not, she took a life and it’s definitely a huge part of her story line this summer.”

Meanwhile, Alison’s return will also cause some problems for them. The rest of the season will explore if Alison has really changed as a person, and how the four Liars incorporate her back into their lives. For Hanna that involves a drastic makeover to no longer look like Alison. Emily, on the other hand, will find her relationship with Paige in trouble thanks to her past romantic involvement with Alison.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans can’t forget that Mona was also forming some sort of anti-Alison club in the Season 5 premiere. The group she assembled consisted of Rosewood students – including Lucas and Paige – who had been bullied by Alison before she disappeared. The twist came at the end when Melissa Hastings showed up to help “Mona’s Army.”

Episode 2 of “Pretty Little Liars” will air on ABC Family at 8 p.m. EDT on June 17. Do you think “A” is really dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.