Over the course of the past year, Prince Andrew has remained in the news due to a continued focus on his one-time friendship with Jeffrey Epstein that has created new questions and concerns. Now, a recent report has indicated that Virginia Giuffre, who has accused both the Duke of York and the financier of abuse, has spoken out after a friend of the royal called her accusations a "PR stunt."

According to The Mirror, Giuffre's lawyer claimed that Andrew had denied three separate interview requests, which follows a report that he had previously offered "zero cooperation" as law enforcement investigated the circumstances. As a result of the recent allegation, the friend of the royal family member opted to label the move as such.

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"PR stunt – really? How about the fact he abused me at 17 and has never been held accountable?" Giuffre responded, adding, "It’s a scary thing going up against the monarchy but enough’s enough."

Continuing, she added that it was "seriously sick" that the Prince had not been interviewed by Scotland Yard/FBI/DOJ. Later, she stated that if anyone can "bring Andrew down, David Boies and New York FBI can. Good vs Evil."

"We will prevail," she concluded.

Prior to Giuffre's response, Epstein's victims also took an additional step when they recently asked that a prominent figure be removed from the New York Academy of Art board. After the businessman's 2019 death, his accusers also focused their efforts on obtaining new details that could potentially incriminate the Duke, including all text messages, emails, and phone calls that may have transpired between the two men.

In addition to the recent events, the dynamic between Epstein and the Duke has been examined in other formats as well. Earlier this year, a new book, called "Relentless Pursuit: My Fight for the Victims of Jeffrey Epstein" was released that explored a "shadowy network of accomplices" and "uncovered the scope of his sexually exploitative organization, which reached into the highest levels of American society." Additionally, a new Netflix docu-series, titled "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich" is also set to premiere later this year.

Prince Andrew
Britain's Prince Andrew is pictured in January 2020. AFP/Lindsey Parnaby