Following the recent release of Project Veritas' footage of "Good Morning America" anchor Amy Robach discussing the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, executives at the network are said to be scrambling to find out who was truly behind the leak.

In the tape, the "GMA" host discussed how Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein's alleged victims, had agreed to speak on camera a few years prior. To Robach's dismay, ABC refused to allow the story to move forward.

As for why Robach's reporting was ultimately blocked, the TV personality floated different reasons, including the audience potentially being unfamiliar with Epstein at that time and threats from the Palace regarding Prince Andrew's supposed involvement in the scandal.

Following the leak, junior producer Ashley Bianco was fired from CBS News after ABC reportedly made a courtesy call to let the rival network know that they believed the leaker was one of their employees. However, after Bianco's denial, a post appeared on Project Veritas' site called "ABC Insider: Why I, alone, released the Amy Robach Epstein tape," which seemingly cleared her of any wrongdoing.

The piece, which discussed why they chose that specific publication to publish the tape, was signed "Ignotus," which was a wizard from the "Harry Potter" franchise. This, in turn, has reportedly puzzled the network executives, a source revealed to Page Six.

"They are freaking out over the Harry Potter reference. Does this mean the leaker is a Potter fan, likely one of the younger staff members who work the overnight shift? Or is the leaker citing Latin, which means he or she could be an older member of the staff. I mean, how many young producers speak Latin these days?" asked the insider.

Additionally, they revealed that ABC investigators have been going through staff emails and questioning employees to try to find who was responsible for the leak. "The company has been isolating certain employees and putting them under pressure to turn on their colleagues in a bid to find the culprit," stated the outlet.

At this time, ABC reps have not publicly spoken in detail about the ongoing investigation.