Over the course of the past year, Prince Andrew has been scrutinized for his one-time friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Prior to his 2019 death, the financier had allegedly taken advantage of countless women, including Virginia Roberts who once accused the Duke of York of sexual assault. Now, a new report has indicated that the royal may still be in jeopardy of facing legal action despite Epstein's victims inching towards closing a "compensation deal" with his estate.

According to The Sun, attorneys for the victims have indicated that any agreement that may ultimately be reached should make it clear that "certain individuals" could still be held accountable.

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Lawyer David Boies, who serves as representation for Roberts, stated in an email that the aforementioned group of people could include "Prince Andrew or others to whom our clients were trafficked."

Furthermore, Boies said in an April 7 email that any settlement would not give Prince Andrew the opportunity to be "released." He then added that he is "now in agreement that we should move forward with the claims process." Therefore, Epstein's victims could still go after the Duke, regardless of the ultimate amount that they are awarded from the billionaire's estate.

According to The Daily Mail, Andrew's lawyer recently declined to comment at the time of publication.

Prior to the recent development, the dynamic between Prince Andrew and Epstein had continued to stay in the news. In 2019, "Good Morning America" personality Amy Robach was seen in a leaked video alleging that the network had halted her opportunity to report on the subject. Following the release, it was said that those at ABC News began investigating the identity of the person who allowed Robach's conversation to come to light.

Additionally, Epstein himself has also continued to be a topic of interest, as his "chilling" behavior was recently explored in a new book called "Relentless Pursuit: My Fight for the Victims of Jeffrey Epstein" and an upcoming Netflix docu-series, titled "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich," is also set to debut later this year.

Prince Andrew
Britain's Prince Andrew is pictured in January 2020. AFP/Lindsey Parnaby