Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew reportedly knocked a door and looked for chicks following his divorce from Sarah Ferguson. Pictured: Prince Andrew attends a commemoration service at Manchester Cathedral marking the 100th anniversary since the start of the Battle of the Somme. July 1, 2016 in Manchester, England. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

Prince Andrew was dubbed “playboy prince” for a reason.

Prince Andrew has earned a playboy reputation because he dated a string of women prior to marrying Sarah Ferguson. Following their divorce, the Duke of York reportedly bounced back to his playboy ways and even knocked a door down while looking for chicks.

According to Jessica Jayne’s tell-all biography “Prince Andrew: The War Hero from Buckingham Palace,” the Duke of York was a “ladies man” and was never discouraged of channeling a “playboy image.” In 2006, Prince Andrew even reportedly knocked rock star Courtney Love’s door down at 1 a.m. because he was “looking for chicks.”

Among the ladies that Prince Andrew dated was American actress Koo Stark. The two were reportedly engaged in a “passionate affair,” but the royals did not approve of the actress since she starred in an erotic film that featured a “naked lesbian shower scene.”

Prince Andrew was forced to end his romance with the actress when it got leaked to the public. However, Jayne said their romance could have ended differently if she hadn’t appeared in a porn movie.

“If it weren’t for the revelations that she once starred in a soft-porn movie, many believed that Andrew may have married her,” the book author added.

After Stark, Prince Andrew went out with Vicki Hodge. However, the model and actress was not as discreet as Stark because she sold her memoir about a beach holiday with the duke when he was just 23. One featured photo showed the "prince standing naked in the surf while swinging his swimming trunks over his head."

Prince Andrew ended up marrying Ferguson, but their marriage did not last. The Duchess of York blamed their time apart for their split. According to her they did not have enough time together and would only see each other a couple of time in a year because Prince Andrew had to attend his naval duties.

Despite their divorce, Prince Andrew and Ferguson remained amicable. In fact, they are still seen together in recent gatherings. For instance, they attended Royal Ascot with their daughter Princess Beatrice.

Just recently, Ferguson opened up about their failed marriage and confessed that they both agreed that they “didn’t fight hard enough to keep it together.” Nevertheless, their current arrangement works very well for them.

“Now our life together is the greatest ever,” Ferguson said about her and Prince Andrew's current status. “It's so hard to comprehend because we're not normal. This is our fairy tale, and we're telling it our way.”