Kate Middleton’s family has been dragged to many controversies involving the Royal family since the Duchess of Cambridge, 37, started dating Prince William, 37, in 2001. Earlier this week, reports accusing Carole Middleton, 64, and Michael Middleton, 70,  of using the Royal couple, alongside Meghan Markle, 38, Prince Harry, 35, and Baby Archie, to earn money have made rounds online. Now, new rumors suggested that Prince Charles is disappointed in the Middletons.

Reports have it that Prince Charles is blaming Carole and Michael for his not-so-close relationship with Prince George, Kate and Prince William’s first son. The husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles has, allegedly, complained to his friends about how the Middletons never let him see his 5-year-old grandson.

"Charles has complained to his friends, ‘They never let me see my grandson.’ Carole has rather taken over,” an unnamed source told Daily Star. “She dictates when George naps, when and what he wants. All in all, behaving like she’s Queen Carole,” the same tipster added.

Prince Charles was, reportedly, upset that the parents of Kate Middleton were getting more time with Prince George than he was. The last time Prince William’s eldest son was photographed with the Prince of Wales was at the Trooping the Color celebrations in June.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana, allegedly, humiliated Prince Charles via the “Diana: Her True Story” book. The mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, reportedly, collaborated with writer Andrew Morton ahead of her divorce from the Prince of Wales.

In the said book, the late Princess Diana called Prince Charles a cold and faithless husband. She, allegedly, claimed that there were three of them in the marriage and “it was a bit crowded” for her. Diana even questioned the suitability of her then-husband to become the next ruler of the British monarchy.

Despite his late wife’s alleged accusations, Prince Charles maintained that he had been faithful to Princess Diana until everything started to go south. After learning about their marital troubles, Queen Elizabeth, reportedly, wrote letters to Charles and Diana, urging them to divorce.

Prince Charles, allegedly, agreed with his mother’s proposal. However, it took two months for Princess Diana to decide on the fate of her marriage. The Prince and Princess of Wales finalized their split in August 1996.