Prince Charles’ official name or title could change when he becomes king.

Grant Harrold, a former royal butler, recently told Studio 10 that Prince Charles is expected to be known as King Charles III when he sits on the throne. However, there is one surprising option that he could go for.

“Normally, royal children have two or three names. The reason is, if possibly that child was to become a King or Queen, they have to have a kind of pool to choose from,” he said.

Instead of being known as Charles III, Prince Charles may be referred to as King George VII because George is one of his names. After he was born, the palace announced that his name is Charles Philip Arthur George. As such, it is also possible for the Prince of Wales to be called King Philip or King Arthur.

As of late, there has never been a sovereign named Philip or Charles so the dad of two may easily opt to pay tribute to his father, Prince Philip. Arthur, however, has been snubbed by previous kings.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear when Prince Charles would be crowned King. Today, it is still Queen Elizabeth II who is leading the monarchy. During her coronation in 1953, Her Majesty vowed to be of service to the people until the day she dies. This statement resulted in royal fans believing that she would never abdicate.

Royal author Tina Brown told CBS “The Morning” that the monarch would remain Queen until her last breath.

“She won’t step down because she doesn’t believe this is about an office,” she said.

Brown also said that she pities Prince Charles because he is already 70 years old and still hasn’t been named as King. The Queen, on the other hand, was crowned as such when she was much younger.

But Ann-Louise Holland said that Prince Charles is a King in all but name since he is already doing some work on behalf of the Queen.