• Prince Charles' move to mention his sons in his essay was a shift from what Queen Elizabeth II did in her previous speeches
  • The Queen never mentioned Prince Harry in her COP26 summit speech and Christmas Day message
  • The Prince of Wales' gesture was his peace offering to his youngest son

Prince Charles made a "peace offering" to his youngest son, Prince Harry, in his essay.

The Prince of Wales penned an essay for Newsweek's Jan. 4 issue. He mentioned his dad Prince Philip and sons Prince William and Prince Harry's effort in combatting climate change in his piece.

British journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti weighed in on Prince Charles' move. For him, the Prince of Wales was extending an olive branch to his son after Queen Elizabeth II seemingly snubbed the Duke of Sussex in her previous speeches.

"That’s certainly a shift from what the queen did. [Queen Elizabeth II has] now twice made speeches … where she mentioned the environment and the work that her husband Prince Philip had done," Sacerdoti told Us Weekly. "And the work that her son Prince Charles and his son Prince William have continued to do. But she didn’t mention Prince Harry once in either of those speeches."

Queen Elizabeth II highlighted Prince Charles and Prince William's projects in her COP26 summit speech and didn't mention Prince Harry. Her Majesty also didn't mention the Duke of Sussex in her Christmas Day message.

Sacerdoti noted that the Queen's remarks were not vindictive. Her Majesty was focused only on the senior working royals. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down from their royal duties in 2020 before moving to the United States.

"Charles has made a point of mentioning both his sons. So, I think that’s perhaps a peace offering, let’s say in the court of public opinion, played out in a magazine, which appears to be the way that Meghan [Markle] and Harry like to do things," the British broadcaster explained. "So, in a sense, he’s making a peace offering, and he is doing it on their turf. That is, to say, in the public gaze."

In his essay, the heir apparent boasted about his two sons' conservation efforts — Prince William's Earthshot and Prince Harry's work in Africa to address the impact of climate change in the continent.

"As a father, I am proud that my sons have recognized this threat," Prince Charles wrote. "Most recently, my elder son, William, launched the prestigious Earthshot Prize to incentivize change and help repair our planet over the next 10 years. And my younger son, Harry, has passionately highlighted the impact of climate change, especially in relation to Africa, and committed his charity to being net zero."

Princes William, Harry, Charles, Meghan Markle
Prince William and Prince Harry's personalities are different because the latter is emotional like Meghan Markle. Pictured: Princes William, Harry, Charles Markle as they all attend the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in London on March 11, 2019. Getty Images/Richard Pohle/AFP