Camilla Parker Bowles will play a significant role in Prince Charles’ reign.

The Duchess of Cornwall was once dubbed as the Prince of Wales’ “other woman.” However, a royal expert believes that she will be key when Prince Charles takes over the throne from Queen Elizabeth II.

“The Prince of Wales that we see today would not be the man that he is, the future king that he is, without the woman that he clearly loves,” said Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine.

Little also revealed that Prince Charles will make his second wife a queen consort. Initially, the palace announced that Camilla would only be princess consort when Prince Charles become king. However, the announcement was taken down in the royal website and more and more experts were convinced that the duchess would be queen.

Little said that by the time Prince Charles becomes king he would want his wife to be there with him. So, Camilla “will most definitely be Queen Consort” he continued before adding “there’s absolutely no question about that.”

Royal author Robert Jobson is another expert who believed that Camilla is set to be a queen. According to him, there should be a change in the law if Camilla would not be a queen consort.

“She will be Queen Consort if he becomes the King, there is no question about that,” Jobson explained to Express. “When I wrote the story that they were getting married I said she that would be Duchess of Cornwall but she could be Princess of Wales, but she chose not to. But she will be Queen Consort unless there is a change in the law.”

Camilla has a huge contribution to Prince Charles’ success even Queen Elizabeth II recognized this. On the Prince of Wales’ 70th birthday, the monarch delivered a speech as she proposed a toast to the future king. In her speech, Her Majesty said that she and Prince Philip have seen Prince Charles become a champion of conservation and the arts. She also praised the heir as a charitable leader.

“Most of all, sustained by his wife Camilla, he is his own man, passionate and creative,” the Queen said giving a nod to Camilla as Prince Charles’ partner.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles look at each other as they reopen the newly-renovated Edwardian community hall The Strand Hall during day three of a visit to Wales on July 4, 2018 in Builth Wells, Wales. Getty Images/Chris Jackson