Prince Charles recently made headlines after Tom Bower, an investigative journalist, claimed that he makes outrageous demands when traveling.

One such demand is that he travels with his lavatory seat, but Rachel Johnson, a writer for the Daily Mail, said that there is no truth to these claims. She said that she has been told, “The toilet seat story has been following him around for years even though it was a joke birthday present from his sister.”

But whilst denying this rumor about the Prince of Wales, Johnson was unable to confirm or deny Bower’s other embarrassing revelations. The  journalist claimed that before Prince Charles traveled to North-East England to visit friends, he asked his staff to deliver a truckload of  furniture to the destination.

Prince Charles’ staff was also told to pack a personal radio for him, as well as his own lavatory seat, rolls of Kleenex toilet paper, bottled of water, and more. Princes William and Harry’s dad also took 43 pieces of luggage to stay on Mt. Athos in Greece, a male-only site of holy austerity, and his bodyguard carried bottles of martini for him.

However, Johnson believes that Prince Charles is simply being framed so that people would think he is a pampered prince.

“I can only marvel at the continuous superhuman efforts and resources that the Prince devotes daily at maintaining his own stratospheric standards of luxe,” she joked.

The writer went on todefend the "pampered prince" who's charitable  endeavours had brought  blessings to countless people. Since 1976, Prince Charles’ charity, The Prince’s Trust, has helped 870,000 disadvantaged young people, Johnson argued. He has also raised over $236 million for charity and carried out 600 engagements last year alone.

In the last week alone, Prince Charles hosted an event for nurses at the Buckingham Palace, and he went to Heathrow Airport to celebrate the anniversary of Terminal 5. He also met Al Gore, and they spoke about the environment. But these stories don't appear to be as interesting as Bower’s story about Prince Charles’ demands, Johnson complained.