• Prince Charles is wary of Meghan Markle
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  • Prince Charles has a better relationship with Meghan Markle than with Kate Middleton

Prince Charles was wary of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle.

Body language expert Judi James explained the relationship between Prince Harry’s father and wife. According to James, the two share the same passion, but the heir apparent thought his daughter-in-law was not ideally suited for the royal life.

Markle reportedly helped Prince Harry fix his relationship with his dad. The Prince of Wales was also called to walk Markle down the aisle on their royal wedding. However, the expert said that Prince Charles was showing reservations when it comes to the duchess and her royal role.

“The way Charles holds his hands behind his back with Meghan hints at some wariness. He would clearly have been aware that, as stimulating as her company might be, a confident feminist who holds strong opinions and values might not be ideally suited to royal life,” James explained to Express.

Despite Prince Charles’ concern over Markle, they have been seen sharing genuine connection when in a conversation. She noted Markle’s intense and confident approach created a moment of closeness with her father-in-law. Their eye contact and proximity suggest that the future king is engaged whenever they talk. This could also be due to their shared passion and enthusiasm in certain issues close to their heart.

“These communication signals with Meghan suggest a grown-up, shared form of chatting,” James continued.

“There appears to be tuning in between Charles and Meghan and it is probably true to say they share personality traits, like a passion for campaigning and even more spiritual thinking.”

According to previous reports, Prince Charles has a better relationship with Markle compared to Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton. In Tom Bower’s book “Rebel Prince,” there was reportedly a time when he felt threatened by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince Charles was reportedly concerned that Prince William and Middleton would overshadow him.

Also, there was a time when the heir snubbed Middleton’s mom Carole because he felt that the Middletons are the favored grandparents. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son allegedly ordered to ignore Carole which angered Prince William.

Prince William Prince Harry Meghan Markle and Prince Charles
Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Charles at the Westminster Abbey Commonwealth day service on March 11, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Richard Pohle