Prince George’s nickname for his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II has been revealed by the Duchess of Cambridge in a previous TV interview. A report has now explained the story and meaning between the royal toddler’s “Gan-Gan” nickname for the Queen.

Many royal watchers and fans may have found it cute and endearing that Prince George has a nickname for his great-grandmother. Kate Middleton made the revelation during a BBC TV special to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday titled “Our Queen at Ninety,” Pop Sugar reported. However, it appears that Prince George’s “Gan-Gan” nickname for the Queen has a deeper meaning.

The term “Gan-Gan” has been used by several generations of the royal family. It is typically used to describe or call a great-grandmother. Royal biographer Kitty Kelley has shared that Prince George’s father Prince William even used the same nickname to call his great grandmother, the Queen Mother, as stated in the same report. The royal toddler’s uncle Prince Harry even used it during his and his brother’s interview for the “Our Queen at Ninety” TV special. Kelley also mentioned that Prince Charles called his great-grandmother Queen Mary as “Gan-Gan.”

The great-grandmother’s nickname appears to be part of a long-standing royal tradition, as indicated in the same report. It is expected that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s daughter Princess Charlotte will also refer to Queen Elizabeth II as “Gan-Gan.” The same may likely be used by future generations of the royal family.

Meanwhile, apart from revealing Prince George’s nickname for the Queen, Kate also shared during her “Our Queen at Ninety” interview that Queen Elizabeth II can be very sweet to her great-grandchildren, Hello magazine reported. The Duchess of Cambridge mentioned how the Queen would usually leave a “little gift or something” for Prince George. “That just shows her love for her family,” Kate added.

Prince William’s wife also commented that the Queen has been very supportive of her over the years. Kate even described Queen Elizabeth II as a “very generous” person, who provided “a gentle guidance” for the Duchess.