Meghan Markle is being blamed for having a “hippie” influence on Prince Harry. The couple is pictured on stage during WE Day UK in London on March 6, 2019. John Phillips/Getty Images

Prince Harry has become more vocal about topics that he may not have normally voiced an opinion on in recent months, and his marriage to Meghan Markle is being blamed.

After a speech the Duke of Sussex gave during a WE day event, talk radio hosts have reacted negatively to what he said—and talkRADIO host Dan Wootton is the latest to criticize him for it, referring to the Prince as an “airy-fairy hippie” and liberal, but also apparently calling him hypocritical due to his own actions.

“There was this astonishing speech at the WE Day conference where Prince Harry took aim at the media, took aim at the older generation and essentially didn’t really provide too many facts,” he said. “it is the type of thing you see at a New Age conference in America. But then having gone on about the need to fight for the environment and save every blade of grass, what does Prince Harry do just two days before? Oh, rather than catching the very ecologically sound train to Birmingham he decides that it is fair enough to get on a private helicopter despite calling out the need for climate change.”

“This is the new hippie Prince Harry inspired by Meghan Markle at the WE conference this week,” he later added.

Wootton isn’t the only one who has criticized Prince Harry’s speech at the event. Daily Mail correspondent Stephen Glover also criticized it for being “at odds” with most British people and calling it “hippy nonsense.”

“One may justifiably speculate that many of Meghan’s politically correct and right-on views found their way into the Prince’s mishmash of a speech,” he wrote. “It is certainly very hard to imagine Harry banging on in such an ill-considered way before his marriage. He should listen politely to his wife’s views, but he doesn’t have to incorporate them.”